BRING Material™ is recycled polyester made from 100% fiber-derived
materials of chemically recycled used clothing and scrap fabrics.

Vision of BRING Material

The vision of BRING Material is a society where circular manufacturing is the standard.

By collecting items like used clothing with BRING and BRING UNIFORM and recycling them through our BRING Technology, we can help steer away from using underground resources we’ve been dependent on, such as petroleum, as well as reduce CO2 emitted through manufacturing processes.

Through these efforts, we ultimately aim for the entire globe to take part in infinite recycling of resources.

BRING Materialが目指すのは、循環型のものづくりが当たり前になる社会。
What is BRING Technology™?

An original technology developed by JEPLAN, INC., BRING Technology™ is a chemical recycling technology that achieves infinite recycling. Of the unused clothing collected through BRING™, those made from 100% polyester fibers are recycled with BRING Technology™ and reborn as raw materials for new clothing in the form of recycled polyester called BRING Material™.

BRING Technology™とは?
Merits of Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling can remove colors and stains on clothing to achieve levels similar to that of virgin materials while also resetting its heat history. As a result, it becomes possible to spin thread from the finished resin at a production quality similar to virgin dyes. In other words, it can recycle products and scrap fibers made from any material, such as those derived from chemical recycling, material recycling, and virgin pellet.

Recycling Methods
Chemical Recycling
While material recycling leaves behind color and stains unidentifiable to the eye, BRING’s original chemical recycling technology BRING Technology breaks products down to a molecular level, removing impurities for complete recycling. We aim to realize a circular economy by combining efforts with material recycling to achieve an infinite cycle.
Material Recycling
A recycling technology consisting of fragmentation, dissolution, and reformation for the recreation of materials. This technology has been adopted at numerous companies as the process does not involve molecular restructuring, and is recognized as an effective way to utilize waste as a resource.

How BRING Material™ Works

An introduction on how collected
clothing and scrap fibers are recycled to
create polyester pellets

Create Clothing
Collect Clothing
BRING Technology™
BRING Material™
Create Clothing
BRING Material™ is utilized to create threads, fabrics, and clothing.
BRING Material™ is used by BRING and other brands to create and sell clothing to deliver to customers.
Collect Clothing
Unused clothing is collected from stores of our partner brands. Also, customers purchasing products at our BRING Online Store are provided an envelope to send clothing they no longer wear.
Collected clothing are first separated by hand according to its fiber material. Polyester products are recycled back into polyester at our Kitakyushu Hibikinada Plant, and other clothing is sent to our partner companies to be reused and recycled appropriately.
BRING Technology™
First, the polyester fibers in clothing are broken down by boiling them down in a solution called ethylene glycol. Then, impurities are removed from the recycled product through decoloration and purification. Finally, the purified product is polymerized to manufacture polyester pellet.
BRING Material™
Manufactured polyester resin is cut into pellets to become the source for fiber threads, completing the creation of BRING Material™.


Fabrics using BRING Material™ have been adopted by a wide range of clothing brands and manufacturers.

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